I am a 25-year-old lawyer from Western Sydney, with a passion for justice and protecting the community. 

I've proudly lived my whole life in the Penrith LGA, and my wife and I still reside in the area with our family.

I joined the Liberal Democratic Party in 2021, having previously not joined any other Australian political party. However, after the unprecedented expansion of government interference in our lives; and the unprecedented damage to our community caused by government during the COVID-19 period, I knew something needed to change.

I joined the LDP because they were the only party that resisted the COVID alarmism from the start of the pandemic. Moreover, they have been consistent and committed to small government principles for over 20-years.

During the pandemic, I witnessed first-hand the damage the Liberal-Labor duopoly caused everyday Australians. 

In our community, I saw friends I grew up with - good working class people - who had worked hard in their trades to buy their first home and start a family - crushed by lockdowns and restrictions. And coerced, by the threat of unemployment and bankruptcy, to undertake medical procedures they did not want. 

In my practice as a lawyer, I saw the inhumanity of both major parties. In fighting COVID fines, and assisting victims of the border closures - I saw pensioners detained at their own expense without warning; terminal cancer patients isolated in a hotel with windows that don't open; young fathers arrested for opposition to the government; and young mothers assaulted by police, with their children pulled from their arms.

And all throughout, didn't hear any outrage expressed from either major party at the brutal repression taking place daily!


The LDP will make sure these terrible crimes against our citizens can never happen again. To protect our community from the dangers of big-government, and to break the Lib/Lab control of our country, I am standing for the 2022 Federal Election in the seat of McMahon.



If elected, I will fight to protect the fundamental rights of our community members - end the COVID-alarmist policies - support our small businesses, and vitally for young working class people - lower taxes and guard your right to work!   

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